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Sprinkler Master Repair in Star, Idaho

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Keep your sprinkler in pristine condition

Reduce the stress you feel when it comes to your lawn. It's time consuming to not only care for your lawn, but also to research how to repair issues with your sprinkler system. We at Sprinkler Master in Star, Idaho understand how overwhelming it can feel to try to fix your sprinkler system on your own. That's where we come in. We know our way around a sprinkler system. Our years of experience are our biggest asset, and we love to use that knowledge and experience to help our customers. We can find and fix any problem with any sprinkler system. That's what has kept us in business season after season, year after year, yard after yard.


Learn why our customers love our service. Experience friendly, professional sprinkler service for the best value in Star, Idaho. Call Sprinkler Master today at (208) 398-347!

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