We recognize that we’re not the only sprinkler company in the area, but do you recognize that the smartest choice for you to make is to choose us to work on your sprinklers? At Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) our top priority is you — the customer. We know that without you, our world would stop spinning. And we know that with us, your world can keep spinning, because we are here to help you at every turn. By that, we mean that we offer only the best quality parts and service at an affordable price. We’re also a top-reviewed company across the internet, so you know you can count on us! Choosing Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) is the most simple and beneficial choice to you because we do all our work right the first time around. Don’t delay any longer; call us today at (208) 398-3471 to see how we can best help you! Reasons are important, so here are some reasons why you should always choose Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID).

Dependable And Reliable Service

This one is a biggie, and we know it! Having someone come to your home to work can be a stressful experience, and more often than not, you’d probably only want to hire the best of the best to work on your home. The only problem with that is that getting the cream of the crop normally burns a hole through your wallet and you spend more than you’d like. You need something or someone that’s affordable, quality, and timely. Lucky for you, we fit that bill perfectly! When it comes to servicing sprinklers, we install the best and repair the rest. Put simply, at Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) we are sprinkler masters in the following fields: Sprinkler Work Boise Idaho

  • General Sprinkler Repair
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Adjusting Sprinkler Valves
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Adjusting Sprinkler Heads
  • Fixing Automatic Timers
  • Sprinkler Winterizing
  • … And so much more!

If our services aren’t enough and you’re worried about location, we also cover the bulk of Ada and Canyon County, including:

  • Boise, ID
  • Meridian, ID
  • Nampa, ID
  • Caldwell, ID
  • Eagle, ID
  • Kuna, ID
  • Garden City, ID
  • Star, ID
  • Emmett, ID

If a service or location isn’t on this list and you’re curious if we can serve you, give us a call at (208) 398-3471!

Quality Parts from Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID)

If we’ve covered your reason for being affordable and timely, perhaps you’re still curious if we cut corners with our parts or products? All we can say to that is guess again! At Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID), we only use the best quality parts for your lawn. It deserves quality, and that’s what we put into it when we serve you. Over the years that we’ve been in business, our main goal is to have transparency and honesty in the workplace. Our interactions with you will be upfront and honest. No cutting corners, and no surprises.

To put you at ease in understanding some of our products, we exclusively use the best in the business, including Rainbird, Toro, and Orbit sprinkler products. Their parts, much like Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) have a reputation of being trusted time and time again.

Positive Reviews You Can Trust

At Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) we know that there’s a lot that rides on a positive review. If that’s your reasoning for choosing us, then you’ve picked well! As you can see below on both Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews, we stand out from the competition, boasting a 4.3 and a 4.9 out of 5 stars respectively over 30+ reviews.

As you can see from everything above, reasons matter. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) we know that you matter too. In choosing us, there should be no doubt that you’ve made the right choice. We save you time and money when it matters most and when you need it most. With whatever project you have coming up soon, know that you can count on the masters at Sprinkler Master Repair (Boise, ID) to service your every sprinkler need. Call us today at (208) 398-3471 to see how you can do more with the Sprinkler Master difference!

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