Other Sprinkler Companies

Other Sprinkler Companies in the Boise, Area

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Though we are confident in our abilities in Sprinkler Repair, and know that we can and will do repairs that make our customers happy, we can’t predict every scenario.sprinkler-master-repair-logan utah

If, for whatever reason, we are not able to attend to your sprinkler system, here are some other sprinkler companies in the Boise area:

  • Northwest Sprinkler Systems
  • Aldape Landsape
  • A Perfect Repair
  • All Pro Lawn Service
  • Absolute Irrigation Maintenance


These companies are not connected or affiliated with Sprinkler Master in any way. These are some of the companies located in the Boise area. We do not offer guarantees on the quality of their work, though we hope that any work done on your yard or home is done well.


Be Careful when Choosing a Sprinkler Company


Make certain that any company you invite to work on your sprinkler system is reputable. This means licensed as a business in the state, county, and in some cases the city you’re in. This helps ensure the company will stick around and not do a “fix and run.” In case something with the repair goes wrong, you want to make sure you can still find and communicate with the company to discuss their work that’s gone wrong.


Insurance helps in much  the same way. If your home has been damaged in any way by the company, they are liable to fix it. Insurance can help ensure the damage can be paid for. This protects the business and its employees as well.


Choose Sprinkler Master!


Of course, Sprinkler Master in Boise is licensed and insured, and we have been in business for years. We know what we’re doing and are very confident in our abilities to repair sprinkler systems, while still protecting your home and property. If you’re interested in getting your sprinkler system repaired by the best in the business, give us a call at (208) 398-3471!



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