Is it better to run sprinklers longer or more often?

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Finding the right balance between duration and frequency of how much to water is key. It’s a common question that many homeowners have in Boise Idaho.
In general, it is often more beneficial to water your lawn deeply and infrequently rather than shallow and frequently. Deep watering encourages deeper root growth, making your lawn more resilient and better equipped to withstand dry spells.
However, it’s crucial to avoid overwatering, as this can lead to issues such as water runoff, water waste, and potential damage to your lawn. Overwatering can suffocate the roots and create an environment favorable for weed growth and disease.
We hope this helps homeowners in Boise Idaho make informed decisions when it comes to watering your lawn. Smart timers are one of the best ways to keep your lawn watered efficiently. Remember, finding the right balance is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Sprinkler Master is here to help you with all of your sprinkler repair needs.
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